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he Mahak Group is synonymous with quality, creativity, innovation and customerm satisfaction. And we’ve reached the pinnacle of these traits, within a short span of time. Ever since the venture started in 1994, we’ve been growing by leaps and bounds.

Armed with a vision to bring about progressive change in the food and beverages market. We entered the food processing arena under the leadership of Chairman Mr. G.L. Jain, accompanied by the managerial prowess of Managing Director Mr. S.K. Jain. Our earnest endeavours, unwavering commitment, zeal for transforming opportunities into achievements, and a passion for the market we serve, has helped us in establishing a successful mark of our own.

The Mahak Group, with an in-depth understanding of our customers’ psyche, blendedwith our philosophy to deliver superior taste, made us become the pioneers in gelatin-free and vegan products in India. We ventured into the vertical with ‘Jelly Belly’, thereby capturing the maximum market share in the Jelly category, becoming Brand Leaders with a strong presence in Indian and Global markets. Soon after its success, with a diversified product portfolio, we forayed into Chocolate, Confectionary and Nougat verticals.

Our gamut of products includes Jelly Belly; Fruit Dessert tray/box, Fruit Jel Filled Toys, Frugurt, Jelly Pud. Chocolate; ChocOn Chocolatey bar in its various variants like Coconut, Chocolatey Gold & Milcréme Crunchy bar. Nougat; Milk-n-Nut Nariyal Mithai, Coconut, Fruity flavours. And Confectionaries like Milcians, Coconut Candy, Tingler, Eclairs, Funchoos Lollipop and more. We also brought on board Katrina Kaif as ChocOn’s brand ambassador to build a strong and resonating brand.

We have set all these milestones parallelly to become a well-established brand to reckon with, banking on our research-based recipes and superior quality ingredients, accompanied by International technology and stringent quality check. Adding to it is our strong distribution channel with 71 super stockists, 2450 stockist and a retailer base of 254000 across India.

Further, we’re all geared to scale new heights of success, with a team of experts and skilled professionals, aligning our vision of delivering quality and innovative flavours with every offering. And in near future, we are excited and planning to introduce a wide range of products, for consumers across ages, fused with health, nutrition and most importantly, goodness to relish in our products to the fullest.

Our Management

  • G. L. Jain
    G. L. Jain Chairman

    Mahak group was founded by Chairman G.L Jain, who is backed by 40 years of experience of food and processing industries and is a visionary.

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  • S. K. Jain
    S. K. Jain CEO & Managing Director

    The Managing Director S.K. Jain is the main force behind the organization enriched with experience of food/ fruit products of around 25 years.

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  • Sajal Jain
    Sajal Jain Head - Distribution Network, Production Facilitie

    Highly qualified with a graduate degree in Business Administration from Perth, Australia. Assisting in…

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  • Arti Jain
    Arti Jain Director - Sales & Marketing

    Qualified with Master’s in Information & System from Melbourne. Designated as the Director- Sales & Marketing …

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